How do you open or apply for a part time job in person?  

It has bear a little different for applying part time jobs from full time professional jobs.You may not required a resume and cover letter but you should follow some basic rules.

If you seek a pat time job in your area then these instructions may helpful:

Obviously you should use sites that are focused on part time jobs for teens like to find part time jobs in your own area. Also there are many other ways to find employers. Mostly You can get a list of places looking for people from a variety of sources. You can take up a local newspaper or go to the library to look at help wanted listings or you may walk through town looking for Help Wanted signs.After getting information or job opportunities then you may need some help how you will apply or face to the company then you will take some following instructions given bellow.

Your dress should be at list neat and clean.White shirt and black pants are mostly usable and the best.No any jeans or shorts no tank tops crop tops or anything especially low cut (shirt or pants) or too short (skirt).You also should Make sure your hair and fingernails are well groomed. Extreme hair styles or colors are not going to help you to get a job.The most important step for you that you are fully ready to be a job hunt.keep confident and make sure your desirable job.

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